Select your bottles

Opt for smooth, symmetrical bottles that have existing labels you can remove.  The bottles should be even for the length of the label.  Avoid bottles with wine information painted on or texture that will affect the appearance of your labels.

Remove previous label

Forever Labels look best when you remove the previous label. Fill a large pot with cool water. Stir in 1/4 cup of baking soda per label.  Soak the bottle for 30 minutes.  The label usually falls off in the water.  If it does not, gently scrape off any pieces of the previous label.  Some labels with super sticky adhesive may require soaking overnight. Once all pieces of the existing label are removed, thoroughly dry the bottle.  

Apply the label

Clean and dry your hands and the bottles to avoid staining the label.  Peel the label.  Position the label so that it is properly aligned. Firmly press the label on, starting in the center and smoothing it out to the edges of the label.  

Need a second chance?

Carefully lift up the edge of your label and slowly peel it off.  Avoid putting any creases in the label or getting the adhesive wet.  Reapply the label.